Norwegian rising biathlon star Johannes Dale: „I want to be a better biathlete! “

Johannes Dale is a young rising star of Norwegian biathlon. The 23-year-old biathlete jumps into his third World Cup season. At a young age, he is a stable part of the A-team, as evidenced by the silver medal from the relay at the 2020 World Championships. He finished last year in ninth place in the overall standings.

Johannes Dale

Date of birth: 23.05.1997

World Cup debut: 2018 (Nové Město na Moravě)

Participation in the World Championship: 1 (2020 Anterselva)

Best individual result: 4th place in the race with a mass start 1019/2020 (Oberhof)

Who of the athletes do you admire the most?

The athletes I admire the most, and were my heroes when I was a young boy, were Ole Einar Bjørndalen and Tarjei Bø. I had posters of these guys in my room, and I looked very up to them. Later, I also have got a huge respect for Martin Fourcade and Johannes Bø. The level of these guy is amazing!

How was your beginning in World Cup series?

My beginning I the World Cup was very good. I had a good experience, and it was amazing to race in this level. It is a dream since I was little to race in this circuit, so it was a big deal. I was very nervous, but very eager to do it good.

What is your favourite World cup place and why?

My favourite place in the World Cup is Antholz. I really like it there with the amazing surroundings, and of course the audience. Amazing memory to race there! But I also liked the track in Pokljuka very much, and had good experience there last year. Looking forward to the world championship!

Does corona virus effect your training process?

The corona situation is of course making an impact on our training. But I also think we are very lucky, we have been able to make almost every training like usual! We missed some altitude training, but in the end, it was not a big deal!

Last season you were an important part of Norwegian relay. How do you deal with the pressure?

Last year I was able to race every relay for Norway. That was amazing, and something I didn’t expect. I like to think when I race relays, that I have deserved to race the Relay. That helps me relax, and focus on my race. It also helps that I race with very good teammates, and that we have fun during these relays!

What is your goal in next season?

My big goal for the next season is to take my first individual podium. I was quite close sometimes during last year, but didn’t make it. Therefore, I really want to make it this year! I also want to improve myself totally. I want to be a better biathlete!

Do you have any friends from Slovak biathlon team? Do you have some funny story with some of them?

I don’t know so many of the Slovak athletes unfortunately, but I have had some funny moments with some of them during doping control. When we are waiting to get tested, there are always funny moments, with the rest of the athletes!

Author: Nikola Badova

Photo: Czech biathlon/Petr Slavik